The Company employs over 800 highly qualified specialists and workers. Most of the personnel are railway transport specialists (railway operation engineers, process engineers, locomotive engineers and assistant engineers, yard masters , brake mans, freight clerks, scale operators, car inspectors, repair mechanics, etc.).

The Company has a well-established system of social partnership between management and employees.

Labour and socio-economic and professional relations are governed by a collective agreement that provides for guarantees of social security.

The social and economic package developed at Bolat-Zhol LLP includes social benefits, guarantees and payments for the Company's employees. These include material incentives (bonuses, personal allowances, lump sums, social payments) and interest-free loans.

The Company carries out mandatory training and professional development of its engineering and management staff, a training center with technically equipped classrooms has been opened for all personnel, and opportunities for professional development of the Company's personnel have been created.

In the course of implementation of social programs Bolat-Zhol LLP pays great attention to the maintenance and development of social facilities. The material basis for sports activities and health improvement of the Company's employees is being significantly improved.