1. The state license for a kind of activity: Non-regular transportation of passengers by buses, minibuses in intercity, interdistrict (intercity intraregional) and international communications.

2. State license for occupation: Medical activity "Primary (pre-hospital) health care".

3. State license for the kind of activity: Repair of railway rolling stock.

4. State license: Operation of hoisting structures (mobile cranes).

5. The state license for occupation: In sphere of architectural, town-planning and building activity.

6. State license to engage in the following activities: Transmission and distribution of electric energy, operation of electric networks and substations.

7. Certificate for the right to work in the field of industrial safety: oil and gas and petrochemical industry, as well as at the facilities of lifting structures, pressure vessels, gas and boiler houses, main pipelines.

8. Certificate of accreditation of the Verification Laboratory for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/MEK 17025.

9. State license for a type of activity: Transportation of dangerous cargoes.

10. The license for occupation: Transportation of goods in the sphere of railway transport.

11. Carrier Safety Certificate: Compliance with safety requirements for rail transport.


LLP "Bolat-Zhol" has a system of voluntary and mandatory certification. The company has certified through "InterCert" Certification Center LLP and "AFNOR Certification" a quality management system and occupational safety and health management system covering the following activities:

1. Railway transport services (freight and passenger transportation);

2. Maintenance, repair and operation of rolling stock;

3. Supply, storage and sale of building materials.

LLP Bolat-Zhol operates in accordance with generally accepted principles of sustainable development, which implies meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the integrated economic, social and environmental development of the Company.

In the area of sustainable development, we focus on the following principles:


Bolat-Zhol LLP makes sure that the services provided by the company comply with the established requirements of rules, standards and GOSTs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We consider clear compliance with the requirements of the set of technological documentation to be the basis for addressing quality and safety issues in railway transport.

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