Bolat-Zhol LLP was established after the privatization of the Temporary Operation Department (TOD) in 1992, first as Bolat-Zhol JSC, which was transformed into Bolat-Zhol LLP in 2002.

The official date of foundation of Bolat-Zhol LLP is September 11, 1992.

Bolat-Zhol LLP was founded in September 1992 and developed until June 2018. It is obliged to the permanent head of the Company Yuriy D. Neklyudov.

Labor prowess of Neklyudov Yu. D. was awarded 12 government awards of the USSR,Republic of Kazakhstan and the Mongolian People's Republic:

- Order of the Red Banner of Labor;

- Order "Badge of Honor";

- Medals "For Valorous Labor", "For Labor Distinction" and "100th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Railway", three medals MNR;

- Honorary Builder of the USSR;

- Honorary Railroader of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Mongolian People's Republic.

Professionalism, devotion to the Company and business, as well as great responsibility are the three main principles on which the Personnel Policy of the General Director of Bolat-Zhol LLP was based.

Thanks to the great experience of Yuri D. Neklyudov and his knowledge of all the subtleties of the transportation process under his direct supervision, the technology of cargo transportation by his own locomotive fleet and locomotive brigades with access to the main and station tracks on the principle of "transportation from the front of loading to the front of unloading", with the performance of shunting work directly on the access railways of consignors and consignees has been developed and is still widely used today.

Since July 2018 Nietkaliev Erbol Ihsanovich was elected to the post of General Directorof Bolat-Zhol LLP.