Bolat Zhol LLP

67 B, Azattyk avenue, Atyrau city,
Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 7122 32-86-04,
            +7 7122 35-41-92

Phone/fax: 32-47-60



Production capacity:

Locomotive fleet of TEM-2, TEM-18 series amounted to 16 units, 50 covered trucks, vehicle fleet, consisting of 13 buses, 21 cars, 21 special vehicles (trucks, forklifts, truck cranes, length gauges and others), 6 microbuses.

Production capacities:

Atyrau city

Production base with receipt siding designed for loading-offloading cargoes, with administrative building, heated storages and garage boxes, platforms for offloading and storage of inert cargoes;


  • Production base located at Tengiz station with locomotive depot of PLAUEN type for repair and maintenance of locomotive and vehicles fleets with simultaneous laying up of 4 locomotives for repairs;
  • Canteen for 80 seats operating all day round;
  • 2-storied hotel with all conveniences for      accommodation of own staff working on rotation;
  • Equipped car parking area;
  • Sauna;
  • Exclusive park at Tengiz, consisting of more than 500 trees, including fruit ones.


About 500 high-grade employees and workers of all categories and specialities such as rail road maintenance engineers,  planning engineers, locomotive drivers and locomotive drivers assistants, station duty officers, yard masters,  acceptance and delivery inspectors, bridge balance operators, car inspectors, repairmen, railway workers, signal experts and others are working at Bolat Zhol LLP.

Social welfare

The following is guaranteed for all employees of Bolat Zhol LLP on account the Company:

  • medical examination: recurrent - for all employees and before every shift – for all employees, whose work depends from trains movement;
  • medical treatment free of charge;
  • provision of financial assistance to employees;
  • during rotation period:  healthy and dietary 3 times meals,  with high ratio of vitamins and high content of fruits, vegetables and fermented milk products;
  • accommodation at the camp hotel with provision of conditions in compliance with sanitary standards for environmentally unfavourable areas;
  • personal and collective protective equipment, including overalls and safety boots.
  • indexation of damage reimbursement due to loss of labour capacity;
  • trip tickets for resort and preventive treatment at Tinaki Health located in the Astrakhan region.
  • training of staff and newly hired employees;

Those  women who are on child care leave up to three years old, mothers with many children, single mothers are paid monthly allowances.

Our employees are the main value of our Company

Safety is our first priority.

Mutual understanding -   in our activity we are guiding by principles of transparency and honesty, provision of assistance to all parties concerned in our activity. We make our efforts to maintain timely and efficient dialogue with  all business partners  and local authorities. We listen and take into account opinion of all parties concerned.